My Projects

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Some of my work


A simple FaceBook clone



A Twitter-esque microblogging app


Discord Bot

A node.js discord bot


More of my work

Raspberry Pi

A Raspberry Pi 3b, currently running a few projects, like network wide adblocking and OpenVPN

PC Build

My Feb 2015 PC Build

Private Events

A private, EventBrite style, events app in Rails. Has simple users, events and attendance to those events

Members Only

A small Rails application, designed to showcase custom authentication. Allows users to make posts, with authors anonymous to visitors who aren't logged in

Longest Path DAG

An algorithm, showcased in Python, which efficiently finds the longest path in a Directed Acyclic Graph. Part of a University paper in Algorithms and Datastructures

Flight Booker

A small flight booking app, designed to showcase advanced forms in Rails